Monthly Archives: January 2023

Replaced Reach in Cooler Starting Components

On 11/4/2023 Checked reach in cooler. Found that condenser fan motor running but the compressor was not. Checked compression with mega ohm meter, compressor is good but it’s on its way out. Replaced reach in cooler starting components. Checked operation. Compressor came on and is cooling down the box in Frisco Texas. Near Frisco St…
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Found that Everything in the Inside Fell Apart like the Unit was Roughly Handled

On 1/3/2022 Checked reach in freezer. Found that everything in the inside fell apart like the unit was roughly handled. Mounted the evaporator coil back up to case ceiling. Fixed sensor on coil due to the wiring breaking. Once everything was back together tested operation. Found that one motor was bad and 2 fan blades…
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Install New Control Board and Bin Switch

On 12/02/2022 Install new control board and bin switch. Recover refrigerant, power down unit, remove compressor and filter, installed new compressor and filter, pull vacuum on system, charge system with refrigerant. Power up unit and confirm proper function in Dallas Texas. Near Adelia rd. Dallas, Texas 75238 Check out the Areas We Serve and jobs…
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